Apart from this, NuShaktiTM MIXMETM  also gives you
Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, K, E, Folic Acid, Selenium, Copper
and Iodine; a total of 12 Vitamins & 5 Minerals!

Super Saver Pack of 450gms available in Tangy Orange.

*As per ICMR RDA for children aged 7-9

Nutritional Benefits

*Pictures used are indicative, only for consumer education. Contains no ragi, fruits or vegetables.

When it comes to revitalising drinks, don’t look beyond NuShaktiTM MIXMETM! Available in Five exciting
flavours of orange, lemon, guava, aam panna and jaljeera, the drink can refresh you instantly.
The immunity building micronutirents present in MIXMETM can help optimize immunity.

  • Iron found in
    Methi Leaves, helps
    to fight anemia &
    improve stamina.

  • Zinc found
    in Ragi, is important
    for a healthy
    immune system.

  • Copper found in Dry
    Dates, helps in energy
    production & maintains
    the immune system.

  • Selenium found in
    Ripe Papaya,
    is required for
    immune function.

  • Vitamin B1 found in Walnuts, helps release energy from food.

  • Vitamin B2 found in Almonds, is necessary to release energy from food.

  • Vitamin B3 found
    in White Soybean,
    helps to release
    energy from food.

  • Vitamin B6 found in Sweet Corn, is important for
    protein metabolism.

  • Folic Acid found in
    Red Capsicum, is
    important for healthy
    blood formation.

  • Vitamin C found in
    Oranges, is a powerful
    antioxidant, helps to
    boost immune function
    & keeps skin healthy.

also available in a Super Saver Pack

Know more about NuShaktiTM MIXMETM

Usage Instructions

Mix 1 sachet (20g) in 200 ml of water and consume immediately.​

Directions suggested per sachet (20g)
  • Open the NuShaktiTM MIXMETM sachet.

  • Add NuShaktiTM MIXMETM powder to a glass (200ml) of drinking water.

  • Stir the mixture well until the powder is completely dissolved.

  • Enjoy the refreshing taste and power up your day.

*See Pack for instructions on how to use. | People with Thalassemia may take under medical supervision and persons with sickle cell anaemia are advised not to consume iron fortified food.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What nutrients are present in NuShakti™ MIXME™?

  • NuShakti™ MIXME™ has a total of 17 vitamins and minerals. MIXME™ Tangy Orange, Zesty Lemon & Tropical Guava flavours provides 30% of the daily requirements of Vitamins A, B6, B9, B12, C, D, and iron for children*. The product also delivers other Vitamins- B1, B2, B3, B5, E, K; and Minerals- Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iron
  • NuShakti™ MIXME™ Jal Jeera and Aam Panna provides 30% daily requirement** of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, Iodine and Selenium

*As per ICMR RDA for children aged 7-9

 **%RDA calculated based on ICMR 2010 (Sedentary Man)

2. Why should I drink NuShakti™ MIXME™?

NuShakti™ MIXME™ is a tasty and refreshing drink with 11 immunity building vitamins and minerals. One should ask more from their drink.

3. What flavours is NuShakti™ MIXME™ available in?

NuShakti™ MIXME™ is available in Tangy Orange, Zesty Lemon & Tropical Guava flavours for children and Indian flavours like Jal Jeera and Aam Panna for adults.

4. How many glasses of MIXME™ can one have in one day?

One can have 2-3 glasses of MIXME™ in a day. 

5. Is MIXME™ safe for children?

Yes, MIXME™ is totally safe for children and they will love its refreshing flavours.

6. How to drink NuShakti™ MIXME™?

Just simply mix with 200 ml potable water, preferably cold; stir and enjoy. 

7. What is new about NuShakti™ MIXME™ Indian flavours?

NuShakti™ MIXME™ Indian flavours are refreshing with amazing taste because of the desi ingredients like Black Salt, Dried Mint, Cumin, Ginger, Amchur, Green Cardamon and Dehydrated Green Chilies. Also, it covers 30% of the daily requirement** of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D and Selenium for adults**.

**%RDA calculated based on ICMR 2010 (Sedentary Man)

8. How do the micronutrients in MIXME™ help?

  • MIXME™ is an excellent source of Vitamin C that helps to boost immunity and keeps your skin healthy.
  • It contains Zinc which is also important for a healthy immune system.
  • It contains Iron that helps to fight Anaemia and supports stamina.
  • It contains Vitamin B1, B2, and B3 which help to release energy from food.
  • It contains Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid which is key to healthy blood formation.

9. How does Selenium help children?

Selenium can help strengthen the immune system of children.