NuShaktiTM powermix for atta is made with zero preservatives and contains vitamins and minerals. It is safe to use daily and formulated for long term usage in any atta preparation such as roti, puri, paratha etc. Contains immunity-building nutrients such as Vitamins A, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Iron & Zinc.

*Total of 6 immunity building vitamins & minerals (Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin 12, Folic Acid, Iron & Zinc) when compared with Atta, (wheat flour) micro-nutrients content – Indian Food Composition table, National Institute of Nutrition, 2017.

Nutritional Benefits

A nutritious diet is one that keeps you healthy and happy. NuShaktiTM powermix for atta contains immunity
building micronutrients and will add more value to your daily diet without you having to compromise
on taste or your routine.

  • Vitamin B2 found in
    Almonds, is necessary
    to release energy
    from food.

  • Vitamin A & B12 found
    in Skim Milk, is key
    for healthy blood

  • Folic Acid found in
    Red Capsicum, is
    important for healthy
    blood formation.

  • Zinc found
    in Ragi, is important
    for a healthy
    immune system.

  • Vitamin B1 found in
    Walnuts, helps release
    energy from food.

  • Vitamin B6 found
    in Sweet Corn, is
    important for
    protein metabolism.

  • Iron found in
    Methi Leaves, helps
    to fight anemia &
    improve stamina.

**Indian Food composition Tables, National Institute of Nutrition 2017 & USDA Nutrient database for standard reference, (Vitamin A & B12) 
*Pictures used are indicative, only for consumer education. Contains no ragi, milk, fruits or vegetables.

NuShaktiTM powermix for atta
for your entire family

Adding your must-have powermix just got super easy!

Know more about NuShaktiTM powermix for atta

Usage Instructions

Add 1 sachet (50g) to 1 kg atta and mix well. Store as usual. Knead dough and make regular roti, puri, paratha, etc.

METHOD 1 : Directions suggested for long term use
  • Mix 10 sachets (5g each) of NuShaktiTM powermix with 10 kgs of your regular atta (1 Sachet per kg of your regular atta).

  • Store as usual in your regular storage container It’s now ready for use.

  • Knead and cook as usual.

  • NuShaktiTM powermix makes your atta more nutritious without changing the taste and appearance of rotis, parathas, chappatis, puris, etc.

METHOD 2 : Directions for trying with small quantity
  • If you want to check the taste with a smaller quantity, mix one sachet of NuShaktiTM powermix with 1 kg of your regular atta and use.

  • Knead and cook as usual.

  • NuShaktiTM powermix makes your atta more nutritious without changing the taste and appearance of rotis, parathas, chappatis, puris, etc.

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See Pack for instructions on how to use.  |  People with Thalassemia may take under medical supervision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why add NuShakti™ powermix to atta?

Most people in India eat rice and atta, which are low in vitamins and minerals due to the processing the grains undergo. Polishing of rice removes the fat and micronutrient rice bran layers to produce the commonly consumed white rice. This is estimated to remove, 75-90% of vitamins B1, B3, B6 and E. Fortifying rice provides an opportunity not only to add back the lost micronutrients but to also add other important micronutrients such as iron, zinc, folic acid, and vitamin B12. Similarly, vitamins and minerals can be added to atta as well.

2. Does NuShakti™ powermix have any preservatives?

No, NuShaktiTM powermix for rice and atta do not contain any preservatives. In fact, NuShaktiTM powermix for rice is made with organic rice.

3. Will the colour, appearance, fragrance, or taste of my atta change by adding NuShakti™ powermix?

No, NuShaktiTM powermix for atta does not change the taste, colour, appearance, consistency, or fragrance of your regular atta.

4. Are nutritional benefits retained even after cooking rice mixed with NuShakti™ powermix for rice and flour mixed with NuShakti™ powermix for atta?

Yes, there is good retention of most nutrients over a wide variety of cooking methods.

5. Can NuShakti™ powermix be mixed with different varieties of atta?

NuShaktiTM powermix for atta can be used in any variety of atta and the mixed atta can be used to prepare any type of rotis, chappattis, naans, puris etc.

6. Are NuShakti™ powermix for atta safe to use everyday for the long term?

Yes, NuShaktiTM powermix is made of food ingredients and essential vitamins and minerals designed to fill the nutrients gap that may exist because of poor dietary habits. It is safe to use daily and designed for long term use. The nutrient levels are within the recommended daily allowance (RDA) by FSSAI. You should follow the instruction on the package for use.

7. Can leftover cooked atta dough which has been mixed with NuShakti™ powermix be eaten the next day?

Yes, you can eat atta mixed with NuShaktiTM powermix after storing in the refrigerator, or reheating. In general, however, it is advised to consume freshly cooked food.

8. How long should we use NuShakti™ powermix for atta? When and how will we be able to feel the results?

The best results are seen when NuShaktiTM powermix is used over the long term. When you feel the results depends on person to person, and each person’s existing micronutrient levels, diet, and lifestyle.

9. Can everyone in my family consume NuShakti™ powermix for atta? Including children, elders, diabetics and lactating and pregnant women?

NuShaktiTM powermix for atta is designed for the whole family and deliver micronutrients within acceptable recommended dietary ranges and hence safe for consumption.

  • Yes, diabetics, pregnant and lactating women, children, adults, and elders can safely consume NuShaktiTM powermix for atta.

  • For children with specific health conditions please seek your paediatrician’s advice.

  • People with Thalassemia, sickle cell anaemia to seek medical opinion, before consumption.

  • In case of any doubt please consult your doctor before consumption.